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The Blue project

The blue project is a bachelor project that aims to question our current inaction in questions of sustainability by developing a methodology that focuses more on user behavior in order to create a sustainable product. 


Collaboration with

A waterkettle

Jacob Alm Andersson



Scope of project

Bachelor thesis

People want to make sustainable choices. However, there is an intention-action gap where people are unable to follow through on their intent to act in a sustainable manner. Narrowing this gap is crucial for meeting the world’s sustainability goals.

Through investigating behavior change strategies, this project aims to nudge users into new patterns of thinking, questioning the current habitual and mindless user-product interactions within the home setting.

People need guidance and to feel agency in order to change their behavior. Therefore this project has focused on incorporating feedback and visualizations of use in an everyday object used without reflection: the water kettle. 

By changing behavior the kettles total environmental impact can be lowered with up to 40 percent.

The Blue project shows an alternative approach to sustainability, looking into behavior - making sustainability convenient.

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